Filler Week: Little Autobiography

Well, this is embarrassing. I… kind of forgot to bring the album to college to take a look at it. So… since I should write something even with that… why not talk a little about myself? Yeah, I know it’s sort of narcissistic, and, well, most people wouldn’t care less, but after almost a year (actually, I’m not even sure when I started doing these), I deserve something like that. Kansas will have to wait something.

Well, my name is José Eduardo; I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, born December the 8th (yeah… exactly that day) of 1989, making me 21 years old. When I was only one, my father got a PhD Scholarship in England and I grew there, that’s why I have an above average knowledge on the English language (when I say above average, I mean above most people that live where I do), because my mother language is Portuguese, even though most people think people in Brazil speak Spanish. It is a language island, because it’s the only country in all America that speaks Portuguese (even though most schools in Uruguay teach Spanish, English and Portuguese, it is considered a Spanish speaking country). When I came back, I already knew both languages because my parents didn’t hid the fact that I was Brazilian, so I had as my first introduction to music British music and Brazilian Music like Elis Regina (Brazilian Popular Music singer), Tim Maia (also), Legião Urbana (Urban Legion, Brazilian Rock Group) and well… if I feel like doing a review on Brazilian music someday, I will, I have background enough to do so.

Most people nowadays get surprised when I say so, but… I was never exactly a music geek. Strange, right? I am (or at least was) a Gamer. I kind of remember when I was two years old (my memory is awesome) and got my Mega Drive (remember: England, Europe, so… no Genesis) with Sonic, Golden Axe 2, Quackshot… and when I was four, I got, as a birthday/Christmas present (people who were born on December know how this feels) the Blue Album as I like to call it (that Beatles compilation with their latest releases). And as my collection of Mega grew, my collection of albums also grew, almost without my knowledge. It was slower than the game collection, but it was something existent. Just to have as a dad a huge Whitesnake fan made my collection grow by having a lot of albums in vinyl album from the days that my father was in a DJ crew (and I say a real DJ, not these guys from today, giving more merit to the guys from today: he just played records at parties).

As I grew, I started to venture inside my dad’s collection of vinyl. I was a Beatles fanboy, so I only gave some attention to those that I would enjoy (and I did), like the White Album, Sargent Pepper’s, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, Let it Be… never giving any chance to the other albums that he had. Even probably the most influential of the albums in my life was only glanced at the time. Then, one time, I was really older than that (I had like twenty Beatles CDs, between studio albums, compilations and anthologies, Gorillaz’s debut, some Brazilian stuff, an N64 that I have to this date, my favorite game Ocarina of Time, Majora Mask, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Party, etcetera) when I went on a trip with said father to get my mother from my aunt’s house, and he chose the cd setting. He said he would show me a band that I only glossed before, and, well, he did. He called it “the Pink Floyd trip”.

He had the more famous Floyd albums in vinyl format, but in cd format, only two: The Wall and The Delicate Sound of the Thunder. You have to understand that that was the day I changed as a human being. Sometimes I think I evolved like rock and roll: I experienced 30 years in two hours. I was stuck in rock and roll in its primordial state, and then, suddenly, I was presented with deep slow guitar solos and strange psychedelic themes. Suddenly, I was like completely taken by the movement. When I went back, I really started digging deep on the vinyl collection, and getting some pretty interesting results out of it. And as the years passed by, I went beyond the vinyl collection and started pursuing my own, adding to his and growing more and more. Ac/Dc, Queen, Quiet Riot, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin… and my CD collection, although modest if compared with the vinyl one, is not to be neglected. Tally Hall, Gorillaz, Offspring, Gnarls Barkley, Green Day, Justin Bieber (Yeah, why not mention the little guy?). But still, I was more of a gamer… with a twist, let’s say. I was a gamer with a collection of CDs.

Anyways, when I went to the internet, and that was really late if compared to most people my age, YouTube was something that didn’t existed, so, I was mostly into RPG played by mIRC and other websites, chatting and whatnot. But then, I saw a video that, much later I must say, didn’t have the impact that I thought it would. I got into ScrewAttack’s Top 10, with Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom. It was fun, quick paced and entertaining. I saw them every once in a while. But that led me to Angry Video Game Nerd, that led me to the Nostalgia Critic, and that led me to the site, way after most people got there. Sometimes I get embarrassed when people say that they are in the site since the beginning, because, well, I’m on this site since… I think… start of last year, maybe?

Anyways, I got really into these video reviews, but I was, still sort of a gamer. I enjoyed almost exclusively NC of all things, and it wasn’t exactly my type of humor. So, I saw the top 11 Christopher Walker’s Most Awkward Roles, and they mentioned a Let’s Play of The Ripper. And ever since, I go to to have a laugh. So, that was kind of my goal. To be as influential as Spoony. Dead serious. I know it’s lame, but… that’s what started it all. So, I started jolting some ideas for reviews, the first idea was a series of games called “Let’s Fight”, showing ALL fighting games ever made in order and pointing their flaws and good things about them… maybe even joining a team of reviewers, each one with a genre: “Let’s Role Play”, “Let’s Jump”… whatever, just a team.

And a friend showed me an album. It was called “The Human Equation”, by a strange band called Ayreon, and he asked me what I thought of it. The thing is: it was such a complex album, with such twists and such deepness, even being somewhat mediocre, that my thought of it became a huge essay. He said: “Fuck this, I asked for a though, not an in depth analyzes.” Well, whatever, he did say that I said a lot about the album that he didn’t notice and well, I wasn’t into it that much. So, a friend said: “Why not a music review? It’s not common, they exist but they are never perfect, why you don’t take a try?” and I said: “No. I wouldn’t be able to do that. There are already a buttload of sites that analyze music, like” So, we took a look at what had to say about the album, and… it was little to nothing at all. Reviews on Dark Side of the Moon, Machine Head, 1984… how could one or two paragraphs give the expression that these albums represent? These albums are masterpieces. It would be like describing Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Cysteine Chapel (I don’t even know how to spell it) in one sentence. It’s just hard and… half-assed. So, yeah, two totally egoistic reasons why I started: to be influential and to be more informative than My reasons, as cheap as they may seem.

So, that is how I got here as reviewing music goes. I guess the fact that I knew how to do this as second nature really helped me, and I like to think that people enjoy reading my stuff, even though opinions are contrary, but if everyone thought the same, it wouldn’t be necessary reviewers and critics. If this gets some feedback whatsoever, maybe I’ll do more of it, since, well, it’s easier to do these than album reviews. And, of course, my life doesn’t resume to just this: it involves my college (geology graduation) and my religious stance (atheism), between other things, that I believe would be somewhat interesting to talk about, but… for now, just this is interesting enough.

This is JotaKa, signing off.

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