Metal Fox: Megadeth’s TH1RT3EN

Goooood mornin’, children! This is Three Do—Erm… Shukin, with Fallout overdose after reading a huge-ass fic about it. Today, we’ve got a special announcement. As many of you already knows, this is the day that TH1RT3EN arrives at stores around the globe and, guess what? I’VE GOT IT. So, let’s run through this basically awesome disk by Megadeth.

TH1RT3EN  is the 13th disk of Megadeth, that has 13 tracks. Yeah, nice obsession with the number, Megadeth. Its longest track is 13, with 5:50 minutes and its shortest one is Whose Life (Is It Anyway) with its 3:50 minutes, ranking at a total of 55:02 minutes, not bad, actually. And I’ve gotta talk about the cover. This is how you do a great cover, seriously. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.


1> Sudden Death [5:07] – The lyrics are full of meaning, sure, as it talks about everything that every Metal band needs to talk about if they want to be called a heavy metal band: war, blood, gods and a lot of violence. It has great solos, that complements the music and makes it complete, but sometimes they overdo it, like throwing a little solo after every two verses. Are you kidding me? At least the solos at the right time are really awesome and the back guitar doesn’t lack in quality too. The drums are really fast and fun, with the right spirit for the track, what is a huge rise in quality since Countdown to Extinction. The chorus is awesome, as always Mustaine proving that his voice makes a lot of difference.


2> Public Enemy No.1 [4:15] – This is a track that I liked. It remembers me of other Megadeth’s music, but I can’t remember any specific name. It talks about some kind of escape of what looks like a badass prisioner. Look, if there is anything else besides this, enlighten me. The chorus is fun, following some of the recipes that they already defined: Chorus slower than the basic track, more melody than speed and I guarantee that the first time you hear this, you’ll have “public enemy number one” in your head, the damned Ear Worm lyrics. The solo is very emotional when it starts and keeps going until turning into chaos and speed, as the back guitar. The drums, impressing me, keeps up with the rhythm. Did they change the drummer, eh?


3> Whose Life (Is It Anyway) [3:50] –  It’s the smallest song of the CD and it remembers me of Bad Religion, until Mustaine appears. Hell, even the lyrics are punk rock-ish, that same old story of “you can’t tell me what to do” and all these petty things. I like to call this “mimimi”. The music keeps in the same way basically the whole song, and this is definitely Megadeth’s try at Punk Rock, and I’ve got to say that it’s not that bad, it’s a good song to angrish about. Like High Speed Dirt, it proves itself as a good upbeat song to pump adrenaline. Nothing really remarkable over the solo, with Mustaine whispering things like “a knife in the back” in the background. It tries to slow down over its length, failing at putting the same emotion in the solo as Public Enemy No.1. It’s really the smallest music, but it’s big enough for its purpose.


4> We The People [4:33] – An anti-government song, what a surprise! They criticize unnecessary procedures of the system and “fuck the system” and whatnots, nothing really impressive over its lyrics. It started with a good Architecture of Agression-esque war sounds, but I mistook it and, because of that first comparison, I didn’t accept it as good. I liked the final part, mostly acoustic, more tranquil.


5> Guns, Drugs & Money [4:20] – This is the first time that I’ve ever saw a music based in the wild Mexican west. It talks about the changes that the world makes over its people, how poverty keeps destroying the humans and these kinds of things. It has a nice structure and a good rhythm that pleases but, for me, this is the worst song of the album. We The People simply was a letdown for what I thought it would be, this one just lacks Megadeth’s soul in it. At least the solo was good, but it was so small that you can’t even taste it.


6> Never Dead [4:33] – The intro of this song really pleased me, the drum roll giving that feeling of war and, damn, the way that the music keeps getting up in its rhythm after some time even gave me goosebumps, really, really awesome. This music talks about blood, war and zombies, nothing new actually, even the vocals are so-so. Simply great intro, not that good song.


7> New World Order [3:57] – The standard riff of the song is too much out of tune of the vocal. The whole song is strange, it looks like a lot of pieces that they simply threw together and called the day. The drums are weird, the solo is not harmonious and the lyrics talks about conspiracy theories. It finishes like Rust in Peace / Polaris, without its vocal. Maybe someone liked it, not me.


8> Fast Lane [4:04] –  This one sure is made in the same idea as High Speed Dirt, just switching skydiving with illegal racing. The lyrics looks like copy-paste from Deep Purple’s Highway Star and it’s not that good. Whose Life (Is It Anyway) makes a better job at pumping adrenaline, this whole song feels… unnecessary.


9> Black Swan [4:10] – It already starts exploding everything with a badass solo, the music changes into the characteristic rhythm of the band and the bridge slows a little bit, the chorus peaks up the tune while Mustaine sings and then it goes back to the start. It’s a simple formula, but it works enough to be a good music. I don`t know what it talks about, though. Maybe about… a serial killer? That it talks about “losing your soul to the devil”, I’m damn sure it does. The music has a lot of solos too, less than Sudden Death, but still a little excessive.


10> Wrecker [3:52] – I think this is a very good humored song. It remembers me of a popular phrase here: “You sow, takes care of the grass, it grows beautifully, then a cow comes and destroys everything.” The music has a good rhythm, but nothing new here. It’s fun to sing along. The solo is very unnecessary, being easy to see that they just threw it because they could, but it’s not enough to lower the quality of the song.


11> Millenium of the Blind [4:15] – Sorry for the language but… what the fuck, Megadeth. You already has a fuckin’ song with this name. I couldn’t find the goddamn full lyrics because of this, so the meaning may be lost as it came completely from my comprehension. It talks about the same exactly thing the other version do. HOW BEAUTIFUL. Religion, sacrifices and blood, obviously. But it makes sense, you know: After making sure of it, I understood that this damn music is the EXACTLY SAME MUSIC FROM YOUTHANASIA, just with a long intro and in a higher tune. Seriously, this song isn’t even completely new, this saddened me. The original is a hell lot better, go listen to it.


12> Deadly Nightshade [4:56] – It starts with a laughing woman. What. The music’s riff is Megadeth’s generic one, the overlapping vocals over the chorus remembers me of Sweating Bullets, but not even close to the same effect. I don’t have a clue about what is the theme of the music too, but it’s not bad, just… generic.


13> 13 [5:50] – The 13th music of the 13th Megadeth album is named 13. Well, nice one, and it’s the longest music of the album. Damn, they already started it awesomely, with an acoustic intro that keeps going up its pace and turns into the music, that has a lot of emotion into Mustaine’s vocal as he sings. The music also jokes about #13 being the “bad luck number”, and the chorus’ lyrics is badass as fuck, no comments about it. The music is really good and keeps like that through the whole track.


I don’t know, the disk itself is nice and it’s good to listen to in general, just getting over Gun, Drugs & Money and listening to a lot of 13, Sudden Death and Public Enemy No.1, the best song in the CD in my humble opinion. Is it worth buying? Well, if you really like Megadeth, do it. It’s not a bad album and there’s a lot of music there that follows the standard formula Megadeth perfected through thirteen disks. This was Shukin, see ya.


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2 Responses to Metal Fox: Megadeth’s TH1RT3EN

  1. JotaKa says:

    YES! OUR FIRST PREMIERE! Thanks Shuks. It’s is great! The album, not so it seems. Keep up the good work. By the way, would you recommend it for a prog type of guy?

    • shukinthefox says:

      You’re welcome, JK. Well, definitely no. It has a really strong heavy metal root over every song and, for better or worse, this CD has Megadeth written all over it. The only one I would recommend is 13, that is a lot softer and more melodic than the rest of the tracks, and one of the best of the album. If you want to listen and to feel the music, listen to 13, it’s a great track. If you want something to swear to a little, Guns, Drugs & Money will be glad to be your choice. Overall, for a metal fan, this is a So Okay It’s Average kind of album, but I don’t think fans of differents rock branches are gonna like it.

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