JotaKa on Evolution

Primarily, let me just start saying that I’m in favor of the adaptation of religious books to accommodate with recent knowledge. Most of them dates in millennia and should be adapted from time to time. The second worst thing anyone can do is get trapped in ancient knowledge because of faith. The worst thing anyone can do is get trapped in ancient knowledge because of faith, only to be suddenly released by one’s grasp without any attention to supported facts. Like the limbo being unmade because the Pope said so, and not because it would be improbable that there is a special dimension with absolutely nothing in it destined to kids that died before baptism. It’s just unreal. So I support that some texts should be adapted.

And just to add something, I will talk about some of the major misconceptions people have about evolution. And it’s coming from a Geology student skeptic, so you have all the right to ignore me and walk away as you have the duty of searching for your own, even more so if to prove my statements to be wrong. And please, if you find hard evidence that prove me wrong, I would be glad to hear it.

Okay, first one: If we evolve from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? Because there isn’t… kind of. You won’t find in any evolutionary document (or at least any new documents) that we evolve from monkeys. Darwin did say something like that, but since then, a lot of time passed. We evolved from a monkey like creature that we like to call a primate. A primate was probably similar to a monkey, but not exactly a monkey. That’s where we come from. As the orangutans and the apes, we all descend from the same primate. And they evolved too. Creatures evolve over time, so they had their change too. Most people like to believe that there was a gorilla, the gorilla was pregnant, the baby was a human, and that’s not how it happens.

Next one: the banana theory. The proof that we humans are made because a banana can be hold in our hand. Simple, right? Well… most people think that only animals evolve, and forget that even bacteria evolve. Then why should the Plantae kingdom, the vegetable one, be left out of it? We humans have a need to reproduce, as all life on earth. So, bananas want to be reproduced also. But how they do that? Well, what if, long shot here, they released a special part of their flower filled with seeds, so that animals could pick up them, eat them and poop them, guaranteeing fertilized soil, so they could reproduce with the help of other animals? Like the flowers and the hummingbirds. Banana trees grow high, the only animals up there? Apes and birds. So it had to be a special part of their flower that had to be in the best shape for a monkey to pick them up and poop them. Like one that can be hold in our hand! All fruits have a good taste or a reason for the shape because of this. Shape and taste are caused by evolution. By the way, Pineapples are flowers; I had to search that one up.

Next one: fossils. This one is actually an area I have more knowledge, because fossils are petrified living things of yore and petro = rock, and I study geology, one of my classes being paleontology. Again, not an expert, but this one I don’t need to act as a biologist. Here is carbon dating simplified. We have three isotopes (same number of protons) of Carbon on the planet: Carbon 12, Carbon 13 and Carbon 14. Carbon 14 has 2 Neutrons more than Carbon 12 and… we all have a mix of the three in our system. However, after we die, Carbon 14, a radioactive unstable isotope of Carbon, slowly decays with a half-life of approximately (but quite precise in that approximation) 5730 years. Let’s say we have 20 Carbon 14 atoms in a box. In 5730 years, we will have only 10. More 5730 years passes, we will have only 5. Of course, it’s an improper tool to use in a big time scale (more than 50000 years). Does that mean we have no way to discover the time it passed when an object is too antique? No. We have other types of radiometric dating techniques that can be used to date older fossils. The Uranium/Thorium method has a half-life of 80000 years. The two Uranium/Lead decays (U235 to Pb207 and U238 to Pb206) have a half-life of 700 million years and 4.5 billion years, respectively. By using these methods and analyzing the results (no, it’s not just putting a thing into a machine and pressing a button) we can be really precise dating fossils.

Next one: lack of transitional evidence. For us, what more do you want? We found the Ardiphitecus, the Australopithecus, the Kenyanthropus, the Paranthropus, the Homo Habilis, preceded maybe by Homo Gautengensis, the Homo Erectus, the Homo Neanderthal and us. And those are the general lines, we found a ton of transitional fossils between one and the other that need to be further studied, but probably proves that they evolved one from the other.

As for Kirk Cameron “why isn’t there a crocoduck” line of thinking, that was the rage fuel that inspired me to write this… there is a thing called a Platypus. It exists, contrary to normal thinking. It’s a Beaverduck. The existence of a Platypus proves evolution? No. Would a crocoduck prove evolution? No. I would love the world if the existence of a crocoduck proved to all creationists that evolution is right, because I would do it. I don’t know how, it would involve a lot of sowing, but I would produce a crocoduck. Would a fossilized crocoduck prove it to you guys? Because people that believe in the lack of a crocoduck tend to believe that sinking a shoe into clay and letting it dry is the same as fossilizing, so… I could sow a crocoduck and dunk it into clay. Is that all you need?

This is JotaKa, signing off.

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  1. Panama says:

    Prior to the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the carbon dioxide level was about 280 parts per million, Tripati said. That figure had changed very little over the previous 1,000 years. But since the Industrial Revolution, the carbon dioxide level has been rising and is likely to soar unless action is taken to reverse the trend, Tripati said.

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