Hello, I’m JotaKa, and I’ve always listened to music, mostly rock and roll. In the passing of years, I have been sharing info with lots of my friends all around the globe, and there are more than twenty persons that always refer to me in musical need. So, trying to enlarge my help to the listeners all around the globe, I decided to make a blog at wordpress and to make some quick reviews at thatguywiththeglasses.com. Unfortunately for my friends and myself, I have to write in English to do so, but if this idea sky rockets I will probably make the translation of my reviews to my home language.
Suggestions are always welcome, feedback is always welcome, and mail is always welcome. I wouldn’t really like hatemail and spam, though.
Album in Depth is a series I do that I review the album in great detail, going from background of the band and each integrant if existent, a look through the cover arts and finally, through the tracks, one-by-one. I will try to not make it dull, but sometimes, it can’t be helped.

Follow me on twitter: @jotakapf

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