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American Idiot

Short but troublesome review of American Idiot. Hope you enjoy.

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JotaKa’s Studio Reviews Journey Escape

Misleading Title, Short Review. Edited for comedy reasons.

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Two Days Ago, Yesterday and Today

Two days ago I was watching a Spoony video. It was fun and all, and I really wished I could get to talk to him. I know this may sound crazy to most people, but I really enjoy his work, … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd The Wall

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Top 5 Most Unexpected Bohemian Rhapsody Covers

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Top 5 Favorite Finished Manga

I have a great deal of consideration for the comic art form, but when I was kid, we had over here some kick ass anime, so I tend to stray to the manga side of the spectrum. Now, I don’t … Continue reading

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JotaKa on Jay and Silent Bob Movies Part II

Ok, let’s get this over with.

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JotaKa on Jay & Silent Bob Movies Part I

I recently saw some Kevin Smith interviews and I was hyped up to watch some of his movie, especially Jay & Silent Bob movies, that I share some common points with. So, I watched them all in order, going to … Continue reading

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Chemistry Everyday by “The Beatles”

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Synchronicity 2 by The Police

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