American Idiot

Short but troublesome review of American Idiot. Hope you enjoy.

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JotaKa’s Studio Reviews Journey Escape

Misleading Title, Short Review. Edited for comedy reasons.

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Two Days Ago, Yesterday and Today

Two days ago I was watching a Spoony video. It was fun and all, and I really wished I could get to talk to him. I know this may sound crazy to most people, but I really enjoy his work, and of all the internet reviewers I think he’s the one that adds the biggest amount of effort into every single one of his videos, even in the not so funny ones. Many times I’ve disagreed with one of his videos, but never in something that went like “NO, YOU’RE WRONG!” but more in the sense “well, that’s opinion”. So, I decided to start a series of video game reviews: it would be me and my friend doing a history of fighting games called “Let’s Fight”. We would play them all. Time restraints, lack of equipment, the idea was scrapped, quickly. After some thinking, I choose to post a blog on music reviewing.

It was a rather long and obnoxious review on an Ayreon album called Human Equation. It’s a good album, but not so good: it wins on the storyteller part, as it is a concept album that talks about a coma patient who has a deep and serious conversations with his feelings, while remembering his biggest faults in life. I gave it a 7 out of 10. How silly to think that an album can be simplified into a number that ranges from one to ten? Anyway, I gave it a 7 out of 10. And since I didn’t make any stretch to advertise it, it went unnoticed on the TGWTG blog board. Okay, I guess… wasn’t expecting anything bombastic, nor any fans going “OMG, we never saw anything like this befoar. You’re our master!”. But I needed a place to where add this stuff I was doing, a place I could call my own, after all, it was starting to accumulate.

A friend of mine called Shukin said he could help with me that. I’m no good at any sort of image editing software; I can get paint to barely work. He did a nifty job. He made a banner and an avatar, just for me. And meanwhile, although sometimes erratic, I was writing music blogs. And I didn’t see anyone talking about the stuff I was talking about, so yeah, maybe I’d fare out okay. Made some friends between two days ago and yesterday.

Yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t really done anything to improve myself beside doing music reviews. I did a video, but that video sucked a lot. I had to be harder better faster stronger… release more and more music reviews. Things were changing. People I saw appearing on the blogs suddenly getting fans and huge viewership. People I saw with a moderate fanbase being ejected to stardom. People I saw on top suddenly being on my level. Yesterday was a weird moment in my life, I have to say. The biggest moment I guess of yesterday was a Justin Bieber review I did. Man… that was funny: I actually got to say some compliments to the kiddo. I had made international friends over the internet yesterday, and even though I couldn’t say I was the hugest thing ever, I guess I could say that I had some people that read what I say, even if only to make a diagonal read and say “you know nothing, I bet you are just 13 years old and your idea of good is Nickelback”. Really, that happened yesterday.

Today, I noticed my abilities and recognition did grow up. I went into a music forum and one guy actually knew who I was and respected me somewhat. I was able to edit and make some good videos, even if my camera isn’t perfect and I don’t have a microphone for the camera. I was simply minding my own business in the looney bin of the TGWTG when I got this proposition to be on Manic Expression. It was a rough site, but it was friendly: lots of bad stuff to fix, lot of good stuff to keep endorsing. It seemed a little bit more warmer, as TGWTG was treating some people badly, so, with some reluctance, I jumped ship.

So, all I’m saying is: in these two years I’ve been blogging, I did a lot of stuff. But if I was going to measure my blog age in merits, it would be definitely my approach to some other bloggers, my knowledge of some other areas that the more famous bloggers usually don’t talk about, my friendship with some people around ME, my blip channel having over 200 views (which is low, but it will get really high someday), the music I learned from feedback, the conversation I had in chats and skype, finally being able to tick off Les the Saint and doing videos in a semi-regular basis.

This is JotaKa, signing off two years after first signing in. Hope to be around for two more years (or maybe more).

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Pink Floyd The Wall

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Top 5 Most Unexpected Bohemian Rhapsody Covers

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Top 5 Favorite Finished Manga

I have a great deal of consideration for the comic art form, but when I was kid, we had over here some kick ass anime, so I tend to stray to the manga side of the spectrum. Now, I don’t watch anime, mostly because it’s a dragged out version of the manga, and I don’t really have the same patience I have than when I saw all 300+ episodes of Naruto, when I could read all the manga in weekend’s time. Through the time I spent on (god rest his soul), I got to find out some pretty great manga. Today, I present my 5 favorite finished mangas. Continue reading

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JotaKa on Jay and Silent Bob Movies Part II

Ok, let’s get this over with. Continue reading

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JotaKa on Jay & Silent Bob Movies Part I

I recently saw some Kevin Smith interviews and I was hyped up to watch some of his movie, especially Jay & Silent Bob movies, that I share some common points with. So, I watched them all in order, going to write down my thoughts about ’em and that will be it. Continue reading

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Chemistry Everyday by “The Beatles”

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Synchronicity 2 by The Police

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