Authors’ Profiles

Name: José Eduardo
Interests Out of Music: Video-Game, Time Travel Related Stuff
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Collecting Albums
Music Style You Enjoy: Hard Rock, Prog Rock… Mostly any Rock
Music Style You Hate: Trance, Electronic, Brazilian Funk, Death Metal
Song that you never tire of: Jump – Van Halen
Song that you don’t know why people like it: Like a Virgin – Madonna
Underrated Band: Tally Hall
Overrated Band: Linkin Park
Famous Band That You Never Got Interested Enough to Hear: Depeche Mode

Shukin the Fox (of Metal Fox)
Name: Eder Luz
Interests Out of Music: Books, Video-Games
Hobbies: Writing, Scribbling
Music Style You Enjoy: Heavy Metal
Music Style You Hate: Modern Pop Music, Brazilian Funk, Forró
Song that you never tire of: Master of Puppets – Metallica
Song that you don’t know why people like it: Baby – Justin Bieber
Underrated Band: Ayreon
Overrated Band: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Famous Band that You Never Got Interested Enough to Hear: Motorhead

4 Responses to Authors’ Profiles

  1. Christopher Robin Meade says:

    i’m sorry and again it’s just you’re opinion but the fact that you put electronic as one of you’re least favorite musical genres really shows you’re true colors in my honest opinion. and i’m sorry if i’m coming off as nothing but a complete jerk to you right now , but this is my honest feeling at the moment and i don’t i’ll be visiting this blog again anytime soon and i know you probably really fon’t care about that at the mooment but this is my rant and i’m sticking with it

    goodbye and sorry for being a troll,

    • JotaKa says:

      Well, thanks for the opportunity then. Still don’t like electronic music, though, at least the ones from now adays. Of course there are some exceptions: mainly Daft Punk. Thanks for the time, and I wouldn’t call you a troll.

      • HashslingingSlasher says:

        I’m going to go ahead and form my hasty opinion from the little I’ve seen of you. That may sound dumb, but seeing as that is all you ever do on this site it’s only fitting. I will not apologize for disliking you, not like the other guy.

        You don’t have any taste! You like what is popular because it’s popular. I have never seen you give the slightest bit of insight or an honest opinion of anything. It’s all just, electronic sucks, but Daft Punk is good. You dislike things that are generic, yet rave about oldies. Your dislikes in music also speak volumes, just for being so stereotypical.

        You don’t like electric because most rock fans have a blind hatred for it. You like Daft Punk because everyone does. If you actually liked them you may have an affinity for similar artists, but you don’t. You don’t like “generic music” (Dragon Force album in depth), but more accurately you don’t understand some music therefore it’s either generic and sucks.

        I’m starting to think that you only ever listen to albums once and write the review during it. Since It’s the first thing i though of, I’ll copy your style and just go ahead and say that’s true.

        You are a poser! Your likes are protected by a shiny coat of nostalgia, but you don’t give a shit about the substance behind it. Everything you dislike is just the cool thing to hate. You’re the annoying kid that hangs around the school bully and repeats everything he says. You never deserved to be hosted on That Guy With The Glasses.

        You want to prove me wrong? Then have some balls! Form an opinion that isn’t held by the masses and defend it! Look at a cult hit and try to understand what makes it popular to that specific group. It doesn’t matter if you like it, just be able to recognize what people see in it!

        I hope that this blog stays dead, may it fucking rest in peace.

      • JotaKa says:

        Whoa. Okay. First, and foremost, thanks for the comment. Truly, I think your opinion is actually quite substantial, really. Okay. Let me try answering things one at a time.

        1- The Blog is dead because english is not my first language. I’m Brazilian, and I have started a Brazilian music blog. It’s not going very well, admitedly, but my ideas go through unfiltered.

        2- I listened to the album, depending on the album, 5 to 8 times depending on how much I didn’t like it. If I didn’t like it, I’d listened to it more times. Moreso if the album had a huge following, to try to understand why it had it. And I wrote each entry of each song while I was listenning to it, to give, in my opinion, some momentum: writing blogs is different than making videos, and it is difficult to express enthusiasm in any other way. Looking back, it looks sloppy, but it was I had in mind as dynamism.

        3- One of the things I hoped to achieve while writing a music blog was that people would send me suggestions. I love listenning to music, specially if it’s different, and I got to learn of some new bands because of this. Tally Hall, Elf, to name a few. If you could, sincerely, recommend something electronic that you think has some effort in it, I would be sincerely grateful.

        4- I did some reviews on stuff that I hate that I liked. I liked the Linkin Park album, and I hate their body of work. I praised the Justin Bieber album I reviewed, when I was just pissed all around for doing it. I kind of enjoyed that Rick Astley album. And I disliked stuff that would pass as Nostalgia. I love the Beatles, and John Lennon in particular, but I hated his first solo album. I enjoyed the hell out of Cosmic Thing by The B-52, but when they were first around, I found them obnoxious. And third, I did that obscure cult fan thing: I enjoyed Sublime’s album, I enjoyed Crash Test Dummies’ album, and Tally Hall, a band that can only be described as unknown, has my second best album spot. I see your point, actually, but I don’t think that it’s my place to understand why someone likes something or not. This is kind of editorial stuff, not a documentary on the genre: I like it or not, this is it.

        5- …I don’t consider myself to be a Poser. But okay…

        Still, thanks for the comment. And I sincerely hope you reply with great electronic albums, so I can find them, listen to it and change my opinion about the genre. But I’ve listened to lots of electronics (passively, I admit) and I always found that stuff repetitive and boring. Now, maybe our ideas of what’s electronic is different: the thing about Daft Punk is that I don’t know of any other bands like them. Maybe there are. But my idea of electronic is that club music, you know? That and dubstep. And you have to admit that’s kind of a bore. But if there’s other stuff like Daft Punk, please, reply. I really like Discovery and one song from their last album (the one with that guy from the Strokes, which is a band I hate).

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