“Wait” Impressions, by battousai.

Well today I’ll talk a little bit about Steelheart. Where I live it’s not a famous band, so I decided to talk about them. So here we go.

I first met this band on the movie “Rockstar” with Jenifer Aniston. SteelDragon is the fictitious band on the film, which some songs are from the band Steelheart. I liked them so I decided to get their “Wait” album.

I actually love one particular track of the album: the first one “We all die Young”. That is one great song! The best of the CD, I guess. The original and the movie one are a little bit different, because I think it was recorded by a different band for the Rockstar soundtrack.

Another song I really like and deserves your attention is “Electric Chair”. Great song: very captivating and surprising. The first time I heard it, I just wondered what would come next and was not able to guess.

And here, we get a nice sequence; the next song “Say no more” is also great and has a kick ass bass intro and an amazing and indescribable guitar solo: always very pleasant to hear it.

Well, as I’m not doing a Track by Track review, there is no need to talk about all of them, right?

Unfortunately, not all tracks are great as the three I pointed out, but there are also other really nice songs in here as we have some not that great ones as well.

“Shangrila” for example… err… at some point it just gets boring somehow…it just didn’t work for my ears, and can’t tell why either… “Garden Of Delight” worked the same way, it has some good parts but it just doesn’t enter in my mind.

I won’t go much further here, and hope you give it a chance, I’d say it is a perfectly good album and you’ll notice the singer is very present and has a great voice: I think it matches perfectly to the songs.

Please, don’t expect an album exactly the way I tried to show here, those are my impressions of it. I think it is worth to get a copy and listen to it.

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