I Just Now: Saw Fairy Tail

So, I’ve been watching Fairy Tail with my girlfriend. Every weekend, we watch a buttload of episodes, started two weeks from now, we’re already on the 40 episode mark. I haven’t read the manga yet, which is pretty unusual by my standards, since I usually loathe anime, when compared to their black and white on paper counterpart.

The story is pretty simple and conventional. In this medieval world, we have magic and wizard guilds spread through the world. One of these guilds is a guild known for being home to vandals and lunatics, called Fairy Tail. On the beginning, we follow Lucy, a summoner (the anime gives it another name, Celestial Wizard, but I’m calling it what it is) that wants to be part of Fairy Tail. She quickly gets in (second episode, if not the first) after meeting Natsu, a kid Dragon Slayer, which is a confusing name, since Dragons are rare and he hasn’t killed a dragon, with fire power (the whole Dragon Slayer thing can be resumed to “he uses Dragon fire” and “he can eat fire to restore health”). On the guild, we meet several interesting characters, including the two that become part of the first main party: Gray, an ice maker wizard, Erza (I’m pretty sure the main intention is Elza, but Japanese, man), an armor wizard (she summons armory and weaponry, actually pretty cool), and Happy, the mascot of the anime and flying cat. Also on the guild, we have Makarov, the elderly master of the guild, Mirajane, an ex-S-class wizard that serves as the bartender, Cana, an always drunk girl, Elfman, a wizard able to transform his right arm into a beast’s arm, Loki, a mysterious ring using wizard, and a bunch of no names. The main party go on missions and do stuff. We don’t see more than an occasional cameo so far into the anime from the other guys, even though they have already made some significant actions.

Now, let’s get in to the really bad thing about Fairy Tail: It’s a giant rip-off. Yes, it is. It’s a giant rip-off. Of what? Well… of everything. The art looks like One Piece, the first episode is basically the first episode of Samurai X, the summoning is almost like Card Captor Sakura’s, the armor changing of Erza is a shot by shot magical girl transformation, Gray has pretty much the same backstory of Kamus from Saint Seiya (and he uses his power in a fashion that reminds Hyoga, but I’m not going there). In summation… the guy that made Fairy Tail grabbed a bunch of great traits from great manga and just mashed them up together. And does it work?

Hell yeah it does. It’s not even close to being the best anime I’ve ever seen. It’s not even on my top 20 animes, I would say… However… it’s a really good anime. The action is good, the soundtrack is gorgeous (even though it basically uses Public Domain songs for everything… even Can-Can is played extensively), the characters are fun (mostly because it’s a mash-up of various anime characters that are fun on their own merits), the gags get old but are thrown away quickly, which is good, the opening and endings are forgettable at best, unfortunately… I saw the original version and it’s good, I guess, nothing too spectacular in the dubbing department.

I would recommend this to the average Naruto-One Piece-Bleach fan, as these manga are of the same mentality. I wouldn’t recommend it if you want something more… it’s brainless fun. Watch it at your own risk. This is JotaKa, signing off.

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